A few wise words

Lived and written by Greg Howard

· Hug yourself when you wake up every day. Then, if possible, hug yourself a lot more

· Trust things to be peaceful

· Stay Positive

· Kindness Grows like a plant, nurture it every day

· Kindness is a miracle. When you bring the miracle of kindness into other’s lives; you are creating magic

· As best as possible stay away from things that don’t sit well with your soul

· Move peacefully and have peaceful eye movements with all things

· Don’t cuss

· Don’t watch violence

· Take vitamins

· Exercise

· Take Showers

· Clean your place

· Say good things to yourself and others

· Write down things you like to do for yourself and others. Add them to a schedule.

· Say Hello to everyone.

· Give people and yourself compliments, for example, put on a nice shirt and say to yourself “well dang you look good”

· Imagine Positivity and Love. If you could hold love in your hands what would it look like? During your day imagine leaving little pieces of this love all around.

· Gracefully appreciate every part of you. Even your toes need to know they are loved.

· Stay Peaceful

· Contribute Smiles

And I will end with

something to make you laugh

“The Grand Immaculate String Bean”