Stronger by Jenn Henry, Advocacy & Education Engagement Specialist

We are going back into the community stronger. What have we learned while we were home during the pandemic? Meditate and reflect on what we have experienced. Focus on what we need to adjust in our lives and our way of thinking in order to transition through the pandemic process.

Are there any new or old hobbies we have discovered or rediscovered? What will we do with the new ideas and skills we are using when doing our hobbies? Will we start a new business or have a side business in which we can let our passions blossom?

God gives us reasons to look back at the storm and thank the storm for what we have learned from it. He gives us reasons to make use of our skills and He wants us to bring forth our new talents, knowledge, and endeavors.

As we live stronger today than before let us remember the pandemic of 2020. This was an opportunity to slow down, gain focus, and reevaluate whatever situations were on our personal checklist to enhance at a future date.

This transformation has made it evident that as humans we are always evolving. Because we are overcomers we are strong and fully able to succeed over the pandemic. We go back into the community stronger than ever.