Participants in our Bridger program come from all over the State of Connecticut and are either currently involved with the mental health system and / or probate court or at risk of involvement with said systems. The work we do is flexible and designed to meet the individual where they are at, with enthusiasm and understanding and without pressure or judgement.

Who We Work With

Our Bridgers work directly with adults over the age of 18 who find themselves in difficult circumstances involving strong emotions, addiction and/or trauma. Our work is provided free of charge to individuals who qualify.

What We Do

We provide flexible, non-clinical and informed support without judgement. Our goal is to build authentic relationships based on mutual respect and compassion. We aim to connect people with natural supports and communities that work for them.

Why It Works

By building authentic relationships based on mutuality and personal accountability, we empower individuals to find purposeful roles within communities of their choosing.

Our Team

We are a diverse team with personal lived experience of difficult emotions, unusual beliefs, addiction and/or trauma. We adhere to the best practices of  peer support, advocacy and holistic approaches to emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. We believe that everyone has a voice, and we value individual human rights above all.

Ask Yourself…

Do you feel stuck and want to make a change in your life?

Do you feel your voice is being heard?

Are you looking for new opportunities to connect with a community?

Are you having issues with a conservator or civil commitment?

Are you currently dealing with the criminal justice system?

Are you interested in yoga, meditation or other practices?

Are you unsure of how to achieve your goals?