Advocacy Unlimited promotes the civil and human rights of people affected by psychiatry, addiction and trauma. Over the past 20 years, we have remained innovative as we’ve grown from a small mental health rights initiative into a nationally-recognized non-profit organization that provides education, advocacy and support through non-clinical and holistic engagement.

Today, we remain committed to individual growth, human rights and systems transformation. We believe that everyone has the inner capacity to heal, grow, and change. Our team envisions a world in which everyone – regardless of socio-economic status or psychiatric/addiction histories – has space to be seen, heard, and valued.

Your donations make these programs possible. With your help, we can provide classes and workshops which focus on peer-centered, person-first programming. We can fight for legislation that protects the rights of people struggling with their mental health. We can provide support and warmlines for those struggling who need someone to talk to. We can offer information and education to people in the mental health system, and spread the word about wellness alternatives which can work alongside- or sometimes completely eliminate the need for- medication.

You make this possible. Thank you.