Recovery Support Specialist I: Support Employment

Location: Supported Employment, Enfield, CT
Employment Type: Part-time; 28 hrs/wk
Company: chr

The Recovery Support Specialist in this position is always responsible for:

  •  Using lived experience of their own personal recovery with client involvement in areas of employment and education.
  • Conducting assessments to identify employment and educational needs.
  •  Collaborating with clients to create individualized, person centered, treatment plans and documenting client’s progress during treatment.
  •  Using Motivational Interventions to assist clients in meeting their goals and moving along their paths to recovery, and utilizing stage wise interventions.
  •  Establishing rapport with employers in the community to develop a network to provide employment opportunities.
  •  Maintaining documentation in compliance with agency and program standards.

The following duties apply based on specific programs expectations:

  • Supporting individuals with linking and engaging with natural (family, friends) or community supports.
  • Developing crisis plans for clients and working with other staff to respond to crisis situations as needed.
  • Providing skills teaching, such as assisting clients in obtaining/ maintaining housing and utilities, learning how to use transportation services, planning and preparing nutritional meals, engage and communicate with family and friends, be safe in the community, care for children and other family members, and solve everyday problems that arise.
  • Providing intensive skill building interventions and support for self-management, self-advocacy, health and well-being, relapse prevention, and using community resources.
  • Participating in family education and support activities.

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