Integrated Healing Facilitator outreach Advocate

Location: New Britain, CT
Employment Type: Part Time Position
Company: The Gloria House

The Gloria House IHF Outreach Advocate will provide trauma-sensitive, recovery-oriented, culturally sensitive peer-to-peer support as needed to potential, current, and previous Respite Home guests. Advocates honor people’s choices to use their stay in the way that works best for them. Advocates must be willing to use their own lived experience in an open and intentional manner. The Advocate will provide flexible and creative direct support based on individual needs that prioritize Harm Reduction perspectives to support individual ways of making meaning and walking through the world. This position includes offering support in person and by phone, to individuals on The Gloria House waitlist, guests transitioning out, and to previous guests who have left the House within the last 30 days to develop relationships easing transition. Please read the full job description linked below for more details on job duties and required skills.

To apply please send resumes to Char Bussue at

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