October 22 and 25 @ 9am

“Serving Those Who Serve: Essential Competencies for the Recovery Support Specialist” 

Following the Military Family’s contribution of selfless service and sacrifice to our collective needs for freedom and safety as a community united by nation, partnering Recovery Support Specialists and mental healthcare workers have an opportunity to fulfill the important role of providing support to their subsequent health, wellness, and healing needs.  As Military Members, Veterans, and their Families are increasingly seeking support within community settings, it is imperative to be, at a minimum, armed with information to appropriately and effectively manage contact and make a connection.  It is our call to action to assure operative responsiveness by way of reducing barriers, promoting accessibility to services, and mobilizing resources.  This 2-day workshop intends to further inform the one’s conceptualizations and skills repertoire while providing overview of basic military cultural competencies in line with RSS certification continuing education as well as specific State of Connecticut Department of Public Health licensing renewal requirements to serve those who have served.    

  1. Harness lived-experiences to appropriately and effectively engage, connect, and deliver supportive services  
  2. Assess for military status and distinguish aspects of military and veteran culture  
  3. Identify stressors common to military troops and their families  
  4. Recognize barriers to care and employ frameworks of interaction to reduce constraints  
  5. Discern and locate assessment tools related to conditions of trauma and stress   
  6. Familiarize with Military and Veteran suicide prevention resources  
  7. Relate to warrior resources and the need for skills adaptation 
  8. Embody helping and healing values 

Amy B. Otzel, LPC, LMHC, is a Retired U.S. Army Behavioral Health Sergeant, Iraq War combat theater Veteran, former U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs Readjustment Counseling Therapist, past CT State Military Support Program clinician, and advocate who has served as Co-Chairperson of the CTVA Mental Health Community Advisory Board. Amy’s personal journey to inspire her own health recovery and the healing from trauma has enhanced her endeavor to contribute forward in helping service to others. With emphasis on conditions of trauma and stress, she promotes natural and vitalistic methods for balancing wellness and is committed to holistically-minded strengths and empowerment-based mental health counseling with those she has the honor to support. Additionally, Amy routinely contributes in educational service as a Yale University School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry Lecturer, a professional development educator, a holistic health and stress management instructor, and an Advanced Level-3 Breath~Body~Mind teacher for survivors of trauma.