1. Live each day with gratitude

Each day, take a moment to express gratitude for your current state. Whether you’ve recently made incredible strides in your recovery, or successfully managed to get out of bed today, presenting a grateful attitude can have a huge impact. Additionally, when we rejoice with the few things we have, the benefits we reap will be greater.


2. Just be

If you’ve ever found yourself constantly running around unable to catch your breath but still wanting to continue to run around- this one is for you. When you find that your days have been so busy that they begin to blend, try taking a few minutes to simply be present. Whether you’re in the shower, on a drive, drinking coffee, or anything else, pause and be present. Notice what you feel, where you are, what you see, smell and hear. Breathe as you point out a few things in your surroundings that you find pleasant. Take a moment to be still wherever you are before you must “press play” on life again.


3. Let it Out

As someone who has acknowledged that they’re a “chronic emotional stuffer”, this is one of my mainly used tips. We are all dealing with many things in life, such as financial burdens, relationship issues, health problems, and housing struggles-just to name a few. Having to deal with these on top of other routine adulthood issues can often lead to unpleasant feelings that can be harmful if not expressed in some way. Be sure to dedicate time to doing just that, in any way that works best for you. Go for a walk, ride a bike, read a book, color a mandala, listen to music at the highest possible volume, indulge in your favorite dessert, but do something that helps you release the tensions of everyday life.


Taking a moment to reflect on these things and hoping they help you be the best you can be; I wish you nothing but success during this new month!