As we enter a new month, I want us to take a moment to self-reflect on what our intentions were for this new year. Far too many times, I find that we are very adamant in setting goals that we want to accomplish as a new year begins, but in a matter of just a few months we have given up on that goal or decided to push it further down the line. Nevertheless, what if this wasn’t actually a bad thing? Whether we were striving to be healthier, go back to school, practice more self-love, or anything else for that matter, is it ever too late to start doing these things?

The power of yet is such an important concept, not only within recovery but within our lives as a whole. I can’t recall how many times I’ve been disappointed because something didn’t happen when I wanted or expected it to, or when something I was working so hard for just didn’t happen. On the contrary, those things didn’t happen then, but it doesn’t mean that they will never happen.

Whenever faced with such a dilemma, a vital tool that has helped me is to reframe my way of thinking using this exact ideology. “I haven’t graduated-yet.”—- “I don’t have my own car or place- yet.” —- “I haven’t been able to find something I’m passionate about- yet.”

By simply changing our perspective on the way we look at our everyday obstacles, we allow ourselves to utilize such hardships as a detour rather than a dead end. In this way, we are knowingly challenging the idea that things need to happen in a specific way and timeline or else they will never happen. Using your own lives, what things have you put a stop to that should have been paused instead?

Keeping this in mind in order to hit refresh and renew our mindset, here is to success in everything you set out to do this month!