Living Kindness

By Gregory Lloyd Howard

Do the necessary things in life while always remembering peace.

Friendship is the Key to Life

Bring your presence of purity into your world.

Let a shining light of kindness teach you, speak to you, move you, and live thru you.

Create healthy things for the world that feed the soul.

Treat people good, treat the land well.

Leave wherever you are better than you found it when you first came.

Help an old person across the street.

Give the world good news as often as possible. Fill the room with good news.

Treat everything like a beautiful flower. Provide it kindness and it blossom.

Start making things at home that give you joy.

Breathe peacefulness into your heart and release it to the world.

Be a care system, a care system is a system of kindness where everyone works together towards creating kindness and care for everyone.

Resolve things peacefully

Open doors for others.

Cry with joy and peace.

Peace came before time, so don’t rush it.

“Kindness has a destiny and whether we contribute to it or not, the world will become kind. So let’s help along the way.”

Random funniness “Do the dirty chicken wing dance”