Written by Jennifer Henry

Advocacy & Education Engagement Specialist


In this year of the coronavirus 2020, we are probably thinking more about the meaning of life.  After this time of quarantine our lives will be changed forever.  Technologies such as social media, zoom, video conferencing, and conference calls has shown itself to be very useful and vital to our daily lives.  Social distancing, wearing masks, and being careful not to be in breathing proximity to someone who sneezes or coughs gives us a new awareness of how we relate to each other daily.


With many people dying from the coronavirus it makes us think about our immortality.  It reminds us that just as our brother or sister, mother or father, son or daughter, neighbor, friend, stranger has suddenly died it could have easily been ourselves.  We start now to take the time to think about how precious life is and our loved ones how dear they are to us and even the passerby we see every day.  We rearrange our lives to bond with our children, family, and friends.


God becomes more real to us.  We draw closer to him knowing he holds our future in his hand.  We pray and ask him to give our scientists, doctors, and nurses wisdom to find cures for diseases such as the coronavirus.  We pray to him to keep us healthy and give us strength.


At this time may we believe in God.  Call upon him.  Put our trust and faith in him.  And give thanks to him for life on earth with a new awareness of how our world has changed.  Always keeping him in the center of our hearts and thoughts.