By Jenn Henry

Advocacy and Education Engagement Specialist



Racial violence just like a lynching. An innocent black man killed by the hands of those who are supposed to protect our communities. How can we feel safe anywhere: in our own homes, on the street, on the job, and even in our church. I am so tired of seeing another black person violently killed by white police officers.

How can we stop the violence? What do we need to do to heal our country? What steps do we take? We have waited so long. We are ready NOW.

Please God direct us and open doors for change in our country. We need you God more than ever. We thank you God for what you have brought us through in the past. But now we need you to do a new thing. You have made the human race strong, resilient, forgiving and full of love. So let us use these talents to manifest change in our nation.

We grieve the death of our brother George Floyd and everyone who has felt the effects of racism. May George Floyd rest in peace in the arms of our Loving Saviour Jesus Christ.