By Luz Feliz

As we look outside and see the leaves begin to change colors and fall to the ground, it is evident that fall is underway. Among the many activities that can be enjoyed throughout this colorful season, football is among the most popular choices. Although I am personally not much of a football fan myself, one of the words that resonates with me in correlation with the sport is “fumble”. Generally defined as losing control over the ball in a clumsy way, I became intrigued about how the word could correspond to everyday life off the field.

As the human beings that we are, each day upon this earth can be full of twists and turns that are often unexpected. We can plan to do something for months and end up having to alternate our agendas. We can set an alarm to ensure we get to work early and end up behind a line of school buses. Sometimes we even make lists to ensure that we get everything we need from a grocery store and still walk out missing a few items. In such instances, the need to reorganize, change, and adapt our previous plan of action is the epitome of fumbling. Nevertheless, this game of life isn’t over after a fumble. Having to reschedule an event you were looking forward to doesn’t mean you can’t plan to do it at another time. Getting stuck behind a line of school buses doesn’t mean you go back home instead of continuing your route to work. Forgetting something at the grocery store does not mean you can never go to another store again to purchase what you missed the last time.

A fumble causes us to lose control over a particular situation momentarily. It is not equivalent to any absolutes, where failure in whatever associated situation is certain. Instead, we should look at a fumble as an opportunity to pause, take a step back, and regroup before continuing our desired task. Throughout this new month, let’s take the time to switch the lenses

through which we have been viewing the world lately and ask ourselves the following questions: Does a sudden change in route mean that all is lost, or can I still move forward with this in a different way? How long should this fumble last, and is there any way I can change that? With these questions in mind, here’s to success in everything you set out to achieve this month.