What is the intention of Alternatives to Suicide (ATS)? 

The intention of the ATS Support Group, which meets every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30 at 224 Farmington Avenue, is to provide peer support in a confidential safe healing space where one can openly share their own feelings, thoughts and experiences regarding suicide or suicide ideation.


What happens in the group?

ATS is a confidential, non-judgmental peer support group with an open forum format to discuss and share topics directly related to suicide or whatever else needs to be expressed in a safe, supportive, non-clinical environment. The group session also provides a time to strategize and share ideas for coping and moving through times of discomfort and difficulty.


What do you personally get from being in the group?

Support and connection with others experiencing similar thoughts, feelings, and experiences, as well as sharing how to cope with them.


Who should come to the group?

Everyone is welcome to join, in times of both strength and struggle.


What do you think are common fears that may hold people from coming to the group and how would you respond to those concerns?

 Some fears regarding attending ATS might include medical treatment, contacting emergency services, and chancing knowing someone in the group. Some examples of questions asked are as follows:


Does the group push a medical diagnosis, treatment, or medications?

ATS is a non-medical model group that is not for or against medications and we are not there to fix one another, diagnose, or provide medical treatment.


If I am in a crisis will the facilitators contact emergency services?

The ATS peer facilitators are not mandated reporters therefore will not contact emergency services regarding suicidal thoughts, feelings, or experiences.


What happens if I know someone in the group?

We stress the importance of group confidentiality being a large part of what makes ATS a safe sharing space. Our hope is that peers will respect and honor confidentiality during and after the group.


“We find strength, empowerment, and a sense of ownership over our experiences when we tap into our innate capacity to heal.” Connection with others sharing similar experiences fosters and supports our own healing journey.


Bonnie and Heidi

Co-Facilitators for Alternatives to Suicide


Alternatives to Suicide

Wednesdays, 3:30-4:30pm

The 224 EcoSpace

224 Farmington Avenue

Hartford, CT 06105