Peter Bullimore and company will be returning in person this spring to the United States for the first time since the COVID pandemic began. Unfortunately, they’re all booked up, but are scheduled to return again in the second half of September.

Interested in bringing Peter Bullimore and his co-trainers to your area to offer a talk or training? Peter and his colleagues offer trainings on a range of topics including:

Hearing Voices
Unusual Beliefs/”Paranoia”
The Maastricht Interview for Hearing Voices
The Maastricht Interview for Unusual Beliefs
Childhood Trauma

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If you’d like to explore the possibility of scheduling Peter and his co-workers in your area for a training and/or speaking engagement, please e-mail

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About Peter Bullimore: Peter is a voice hearer who spent ten years as a psychiatric patient enduring many bouts of what gets called “paranoia” and unusual beliefs. Through learning holistic approaches and with support of the Hearing Voices Network (HVN) he was able to reclaim his life from the system. He facilitates a hearing voices and paranoia support group in Sheffield, England. He also runs his own training and consultancy agency, Asylum Associates, and is the founding member of the Paranoia Network. His story was featured in the film, ‘There is a Fault in Reality,’ by Tom Cotton, as well as in one of the foundational HVN texts, Living with Voices: 50 Stories of Recovery.

He delivers training on hearing voices and unusual beliefs internationally to a variety of audiences including providers, peer supporters, family members, and more. He also teaches on the COPE initiative and the Maastricht Interview at Manchester University, as well as offering the Maastricht at Dublin and Cork Universities in Ireland. He co-authored a workbook on childhood trauma called ‘Asking the Questions’ with Paul Hammersley and John Read.