Recovery Support Specialist

Applications Due On: 6/6/2024
Location: Middletown, CT & Old Saybrook, CT
Employment Type: Full Time
Company: DMHAS

The RSS in this position will be responsible for the following:

  • Guides clients through the process of defining personal goals for their recovery plan using existing evidence-based workbooks or person-centered planning tools; 
  • Supports and guides clients in following tasks outlined in recovery plan (i.e., pursuing goals related to employment, education, community involvement and the use of natural supports); 
  • Guides clients in identifying and exercising their rights; 
  • Participates in rehabilitative and recovery-oriented interventions to meet client needs and goals; 
  • Provides information and support to clients and encourages their development of community networks and activities relating to community integration; 
  • Provides instruction and skill training in recovery management to clients and families; 
  • Acts as a peer health navigator to engage clients who have or are at risk for co-morbid medical conditions in wellness activities; 
  • Supports clients to secure information about resources relevant to their wellness; 
  • Supports clients in obtaining services that meet their recovery needs; 
  • Supports clients in dealing with internal and external stress; 
  • Attends medical/clinical appointments with clients in a peer capacity; 
  • Accompanies clients as peers on volunteer opportunities and activities; 
  • Organizes and conducts workshops on topics related to recovery and wellness including New Employee Orientation at the local level; 
  • Observes and reports clients’ behavior; 
  • Prepares and submits incident or other related forms; 
  • Updates clients’ notes in the medical record as required; 
  • Enters computerized data as required; 
  • May coach adaptive client behaviors through verbal communication; 
  • May provide outreach and transportation; 
  • Performs related duties as required.

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