Director of Peer Recovery Services

Location: Rocky Hill, CT
Employment Type: Full Time
Company: Advocacy Unlimited, Inc.

The person in this position will lead the operations of AU’s Division of Peer Recovery Services, including CT Hearing Voices Network, Community Bridger, Advocacy & Education, Maastricht Approach Project, along with Olmstead. The person in this role is responsible for ensuring operations and fiscal management is in compliance with regulations, policy, and standards of practice. This includes the development and program management for efficient, quality assurance, and fiscal solvency. In addition, this role is responsible for supervising all program managers within the Peer Recovery Services Branch of AU. Additionally, the Director of Peer Recovery Services is a senior management position and requires participation in cross-organizational strategic planning and policy development across the organization. It is the responsibility of this person to represent the vision, mission, and values of AU in all space and groups both within the organization, and the community at large. If you are interested in the position, please read the job description below and submit your resume and cover letter to

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